100% solid hardwood dining table in NZ

100% solid hardwood dining table in NZ

Wood is the only material used to build such a wide variety of furniture. However, the quality of the dining tables can be differentiated by using a variety of woods. Thank goodness there are ample timber resources in NZ. This country's abundance of skilled furniture makers is another of its many advantages.


Many types of dining tables are constructed from solid wood. Its resilience and strength make it ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor furnishings.  Put a little bit of the north vibe in your dining room for your next get-together. This set's timeless and modern designs are suitable for a wide range of dining room decors. Oak Furniture Store NZ is where you get your hands on the contemporary hardwood dining table of your dreams at the most excellent price.

Things to Consider while buying Solid HardWood Dining Tables

There are several factors to consider while shopping for a solid hardwood dining table, including the type of wood you want and the finished style you wish to use. It's hard to know where to start because there are a lot of alternatives, and they all depend on the overall type of your room. To lend a hand, we've combined everything you need to know to select a quality wooden dining table.

The Finest Material for Dining Tables

If you're set on a solid-wood table, you have many options depending on the style you're going for.


1.       Oak Wooden Dining Tables

Oak is a durable wood that can resist heavy use and has a classic elegance that is difficult to imitate. Because oak trees take longer to mature, the wood they produce is typically more expensive. The slow growth rate of these trees results in dense timber, which means that with good maintenance, your table will last for generations. Oak comes in a wide range of tones, from light to dark, so you may pick a table that perfectly complements your decor.


2.       Walnut wood Dining Tables

Because of its darker and striking appearance, walnut wood is available in many hues, from light brown to dark chocolate brown. Due to its density and hardness, walnut is ideal for use as dining tables. Walnut, one of the most desirable woods, can be more expensive than other solid-wood options, but it will make your dining table the talk of the house.


Any solid wood table will need regular care and attention if you want to keep it in pristine shape. However, just like any solid wood table, it is necessary to immediately wipe up any spills and use coasters and tablecloths to protect the surface.



Wrap up!

Eco-friendly, long-lasting, and made of solid wood, these pieces are perfect for the global future.

Oak Furniture Store & Sofas takes great care in picking only the highest-quality raw wood, and we're continually looking for methods to improve our painting supplies so that we may use the most environmentally friendly paint on our furniture.


Every family in New Zealand must have access to high-quality, affordable hardwood dining tables so their kids can develop in a safer and healthier setting at home. For your house and lifestyle, our design team at Oak Furniture Store & Sofas is constantly working to improve upon the latest trends in furniture.


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