3 Creative ideas to upend your space with a side table

3 Creative ideas to upend your space with a side table

A side table from NZ can wrap up your home decor

Small tables are often overlooked, but they are a fantastic way to up the style factor in your home. From colourful options to functional pieces, there are so many ways you can use a side table to make your room look gorgeous. 
Let’s unpuzzle some ideas (with multiple variations) that will instantly add a touch of personality to your space.

Upgrade the functionality of your home decor with a side table

If you are looking for additional shelving without taking up much space, the piece with multiple levels can’t wait to be arranged at your home. It adds an exciting dimension to your décor, and you can easily accessorise each shelf with decorations to emphasise character.

If you love hosting guests or are a fan of flowerpots, use your side table in NZ as: 

  • Mini bar cart. By adding glassware, you can create an inviting atmosphere that will have everyone chilling all night long. If you decorate the surface with small candles, it will boost the vibe even further.
  • Plant stand. Elevate plants in your bedroom and place them on your side table. It gives a stunning visual effect while keeping them within reach. Try mixing different shapes and sizes of pots to inject classy elegance into your decor.

A side table from NZ can wrap up your home decor

An unexpected pop of colour

Adding a splash of colour can bulk large. After you give your table a fresh coat of paint, it instantly catches the eye without feeling overwhelming (use paint made explicitly for furniture if you want it to last).

How to style a side table if painting is not your thing? Consider wallpapering it. Cover the surface with decoupage glue before sticking the wallpaper for maximum adherence.

A side table from NZ can wrap up your home decor

A multi-purpose helper

With some imagination, your side table can become a multi-purpose workhorse. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Storage space. Whether for magazines or throws, this piece of furniture can double as an organisational tool. 
  • Balcony styler. Your side table can provide the perfect spot for guests on the balcony or patio, inviting them to put their drinks away while enjoying the sunshine. Add a small umbrella or plants on top for some extra colour.
  • Kitchen organiser. It is a great way to add counter space to your kitchen. Put a simple table next to a wall and top it with a cutting board and some pretty canisters for flour, sugar, and other ingredients. 
  • Craft station. If you are into crafting, turn your side table into an artsy lab where you can work on projects. All the necessary items are within arm’s reach. 

A shoe organiser, charging station, or reading nook – by embracing a mix of colours and shapes, you can make your side table eye-catching and functional.

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