6 Reasons why Hardwood Furniture

6 Reasons why Hardwood Furniture

Looking for the best solid hardwood lifestyle furniture in New Zealand? You are on the right page. There are different types of solid hardwood furniture available here. Wooden furniture never goes out of style no matter what. Teak, Oak, Beech, Mahogany, Walnut, and mango are majorly used for solid wood furniture manufacturing. Let us have a glance at the great benefits of solid wood furniture and why you should buy them for your lavish house -



Did you know that solid hardwood furniture can look decent in any home aesthetic? Our Seattle Range unleashes the traditional charm of the best quality natural solid oak and gives life to modern styling. Our experts make versatile, robust, and durable solid hardwood furniture pieces to make your house look incredibly stunning. The armoires can go far in completing your room’s traditional look. If you are a furniture lover, we have fun mixing and matching solid wood versatile pieces for you to enhance the royal look of your house.

Seattle Natural Solid Oak Entertainment Unit

Seattle Natural Solid Oak Entertainment Unit - Oak Furniture Store & Sofas 



Gone are those days when companies used to make cheaper materials to make furniture. Oak furniture store uses solid wood that is durable for many years with very little maintenance. The exact years of durability can be known after you choose the type of solid hardwood for your house. Original hardwoods like walnut, white oak, and cherry retain the rich appearance for years together even after heavy and rough use. Buy Humbie range today for a delightful addition to your modern family home styles. 

Humbie Solid Oak Large Bookcase

Humbie Solid Oak Large Bookcase (Coming Soon!) - Oak Furniture Store & Sofas



Unique Pieces

Each piece of wood is unique in its own way. The variations in the thickness, designs, carvings really pop up when seen all together in the store. Create a well-designed home with Oslo Range made with the finest cuts of solid oak. They are specially selected for their superior grain patterns. Buy our creative endeavor unrivaled with man-made materials today. Wooden desks look royal as compared to metal desks. Own these utterly unique pieces that are seen nowhere else in the world.

Oslo Natural Solid Oak Coffee Table

Oslo Natural Solid Oak Coffee Table - Oak Furniture Store & Sofas 


Add a finishing and unique touch to your furniture designs with the customization and improve durability as well. If you are looking forward to staining your wood furniture, choose the best colors that you had always dreamt of. Stains give an effective and stunning look to your solid hardwood without sacrificing the wood’s natural grain or texture. Another option is a catalyzed varnish finish that can keep your wood waterproof and helps in preventing rot. Save your solid hardwood from termites and ants with a variety of customization options available. The French Rustic Solid Oak Range is our well-known classic French design. Our customized pieces include elegantly flared cornices, arched bases, and subtle inlaid detailing.



Easy Maintenance

Did you know that solid hardwood lifestyle furniture is not only extremely durable but also easy to maintain? It is quite easy to maintain solid hardwood. Cleaning wood is as easy as a regular dusting of your furniture. Spills and other dirt or mess can be cleaned with a wet cloth quickly. Prunus’s softly rounded edges drawers are specially designed for easy maintenance and to give and warm and homely look to your everyday living. This is an inspirational collection of cool, contemporary furniture designed by our experts. The versatile features with eye-catchy designs will make you fall in love with our solid hardwood lifestyle furniture.


Prunus Solid Cherry 6 Chest of Drawers

Prunus Solid Cherry 6 Chest of Drawers - Oak Furniture Store & Sofas



Don’t go for softwood. It’s always better to opt for solid hardwood furniture because it is a sustainable resource after all. Hardwoods grow at a slower rate and are more fire resistant than softwoods.  But make sure that the wood is bought from eco-friendly forests. Cut back on the carbon emission by using such sustainable wood. American Walnut is very rare and expensive and known for its bespoke and opulent furniture designs. Our experts have crafted these designs with hand-chiseled traditional craftsmanship and made tabletops surfaces and much more to exceed your expectations.

Walnut Large Entertainment Unit


Walnut Large Entertainment Unit - Oak Furniture Store & Sofas


In a nutshell, solid hardwood lifestyle furniture is definitely worth the investment in Auckland! Be it an apartment or a huge mansion, a piece of solid hardwood is sure to benefit the overall aesthetic and make it look ravishing. Such furniture designs are made to last for generations.

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