Bed Buying Guide for the Perfect Space

Bed Buying Guide for the Perfect Space
Bedroom is that space in our home that is most personal to us. It is also the space where we spend most of our ‘me’ time, the space which we head back to in all our moods and often also the space we spend most of our time in. Bed is the most important and the center point of any bedroom. Hence the prime focus while planning the layout of your bedroom should be the size, type and style of bed because bed is the defining point of any bedroom. Usually, the entire ambiance and setup of the bedroom is done around the bed and the décor is in sync with the bed.
Depending on the size beds are generally of three types:
Queen size beds
King size beds
Super king-size beds
    At Oak Furniture Store, we have a huge range of 100% solid hardwood beds which are durable as well as beautiful. They come in all sizes and styles. But what adds to the fun while shopping with us is the variety of furniture products we have to go along with it. Be it your drawing room, dining room or bedroom we have contrasting and complementary stuff to suit all your needs. Now, let us have a look at some of the beds from our collection.
    This piece of unique and amazing design is sure to grab your eyes. Initially it is a sturdy cot perfect to fit in your little one and a beautiful piece to be added to their nursery. And as your child grows up this cot can be converted into beds of different sizes, eventually converting into a study table or a small dining table apt for that empty corner of your house you have been wishing gets filled up.
    You can also put up curtains on top of this cot and make it like a little canopy by adding fairy lights and colorful origami stuff, to make it all the more gorgeous for your little one. Here’s to Happy Parenting!
    If you are looking for a royal or bohemian or a traditional look for your room then this bed should be your go-to. Crafted by the woodworkers and made out of solid oak, this masterpiece is sure to stand out as a sign of elegance and grace in your bedroom. What’s more? We have a huge French Rustic Oak Collection to choose your additional bedroom items from. So, create an ambience with all the good stuff and sleep tight!
    A solid bed made out of light hued wood board which when paired with similar add-ons gives a stunning and fresh look to your bedroom. It is a best fit for minimalist bedroom looks. In addition to this, it comes with a painted headboard and footboard with solid oak tops. Comfort with luxury is the uniqueness of this bed and it is sure to stay with you for years to come.
    Want to learn what’s exciting? We have the King sized and Super king-sized beds up for clearance right now!
    This masterpiece bed is crafted from premium solid grade oak and is perfect for a duo. This bed is just the right mix of contemporary design with traditional materials and craftsmanship. It is unique because of its high strength and long-lasting capabilities. It has a stylish headboard and a comfy foot panel added to its body. You can team it up with our furniture products from Natural Solid Oak range and set up your bedroom for light, airy and cozy moods. And yes! This one is up for sale as well!
    These are just some of our chosen beds from the numerous we have in range for you. Do not miss to check our bedroom section for this! We have bedside tables, dressing tables, wardrobes, blanket boxes and a ton of other furniture to go with it. So, prep up your ideas, pin them onto a mood board, check out our website and shop till you drop! Here’s to setting up happy homes! Good luck!

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