Comprehensive guide on bed frames for your best night’s sleep

Comprehensive guide on bed frames for your best night’s sleep

Now more than ever, a home is regarded as your refuge from the ‘rush-rush’ world and the daily grind. It is a space for relaxation, self-care and pleasant memories that inspire a sense of well-being, harmony and happiness.

Within that space, your bedroom is a top spot for recharging when your resources are low and smoothing out the effects of a stressful day to find your inner peace. If you are looking for an easy way to bedroom serenity and a refreshing night’s sleep, a quality bed frame will get you there.

Which bed frame to choose?

The supporting structure for your mattress should be sturdy and size-coordinated with your bedroom, so you can move around it easily. Since modern designs aren’t restricted to standard sizes and may come with adjustable features, you have plenty of style choices for any space and interior:

  • Simple (platform) bed frame without a headboard or footboard
  • 4-poster-style frame
  • Wrought iron frame
  • Upholstered frame (all parts are covered in padding and fabric or leather)
  • Spindle frame
  • Murphy bed
  • Loft bed
  • Storage frame with drawers
  • Sleigh style featuring a classic curved headboard and footboard

Sleek and minimalist or carved and ornate designs can be tailored to your precise measurements and enhanced with decorative add-ons to create a traditional, high-end, rustic or modern look. But the quality of the structure, material, hardware and craftsmanship should come first when choosing the most hardworking piece of bedroom furniture.


What is the best material for bed frames?

In terms of durability and lasting quality, hardwood and metal have remained the top material choices for bed frames for hundreds of years. Today, you can find veneered pieces and those made of plywood, MDF or particle board that can be highly decorative. But you never know what chemicals they contain or how flimsy they may turn out to be.

Metal frames are damage-resistant and provide maximum weight support. They can give your bedroom an avant-garde feel and make a statement in high-tech, industrial-style or loft interiors. That said, ‘metal’ doesn’t always imply well-crafted and sturdy – cheap metal bed frames are often shoddy and creaky. And keep in mind that metal headboards are far from comfortable to lean against.

Hardwood is preferred for those seeking a healthier home environment and comfort surrounded by natural materials. The warm earthy tones give your interior a homey, lived-in feel. The nuances of shading and grain patterns can make a hardwood frame an elegant addition to any home style. Popular for livening up small or dark rooms while providing the support and comfort needed for better sleep, solid wood bed frames are versatile, chemical-free solutions for kids’ and adult bedrooms.


The final word

Whether you fancy a luxe design or a functional bedroom makeover, a solid oak bed frame is perfect for creating a calming and peaceful vibe. Choose a style that elevates the look of your room and turns it into your dream sanctuary for years to come.

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