How does the side table become the highlight of your living room?

How does the side table become the highlight of your living room?

Every piece of furniture is crucial in establishing a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in your living space since it contributes to your sense of style and how you spend your time there. Side tables are sometimes an afterthought when decorating an indoor or outdoor location, but they serve an essential purpose and enhance the aesthetic value of the entire arrangement.

Although it may not seem like it, a little table gives the flexibility required to enjoy first-rate convenience wherever. A well-defined living space, indoors or out, always includes a side table. Oak Furniture Store & Sofas is ready to inspire homeowners. Furniture for your NZ living room, dining room, home office, and bedroom. There are many side tables to choose from if you want to redecorate your living space.

Assuming you're comfortable with the parameters, you may begin developing your perfect finish. We have gathered a few examples from the luxurious to the user to stimulate your imagination.

  • Presenter's View:

Don't touch the things on the side table. A person who wants their home to seem almost too gorgeous to touch should follow this rule. It's less practical than a nightstand, but a side table next to a seldom-used chair or a sofa with a nearby coffee table may serve as a gorgeous display surface. To create this appearance, you may use photo frames, plants, novels, lamps, and other decorative items. Remember that you should begin with a hardcover book or dish and then arrange your other objects on top of it in the manner described. You can wear as few or as many layers as you choose. Most importantly, you're satisfied with how it looks after you're done.

  • The Cultivation Space:

Put a flower or two on your side table to show off your green thumb. That'll freshen up the space and assist you with your dilemma simultaneously. If you'd want to display many plants on your side table, it's best to do so in pots of varying sizes and shapes. You may also use books to support smaller plants to achieve a range of heights. Flowers are another fantastic way to bring vibrancy, texture, and colour to any room. Simply placing a vase full of flowers in a room can make a huge difference.

  • Place to read:

Curling up in a comfy chair close to a side table is the best. To make your side table into the perfect reading nook, you need to stock it with a lighting fixture, a cover for your coffee cup, and some books. Select a side table with a shelf to keep your current read in one convenient location.

  • Assume the drop stop:

No one ever stated that a side table had to be placed next to a couch or bed. A small table near the entrance is a great spot to set down your keys and sunglasses as soon as you step into the house. Add a tray to collect the things you'll inevitably drop there, and the area will never seem messy again. Put something decorative like a vase or frame on it, and it will appear finished. In addition to being one of the most practical ways to adorn a side table, this is also one of the easiest.


When decorating your side table, it's essential to understand the relationship and include elements that reflect your individuality. The side table will steal the show in your living area from all outward appearances.



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