New Ceramic Marble Top Dining Table

New Ceramic Marble Top Dining Table

The dining table makes an important part of your furniture. It performs the role of a core operator of the dining area in your house. People today love dining tables that are not only functional and mechanic but also beautiful at the same time. They believe that the most fantastic dining tables are the ones that are not only useful but also create a warm sphere during each meal. The Oak Furniture here introduces you new ceramic marble top dining table fit to our client's demands of both useful in design and beautiful in the material.


How Functional Can A Dining Table be?

Remember, a dining table is never simply a table uses to hold your food and drinks during each family meal and your parties with friends. A piece of dining table is also one of the best places for you to have close communication with your family members and friends. The food and drinks gather the attention of everyone and create various types of topics for people to discuss. This topic creator function can be one of the best functions of a dining table. Today, people spent too much time on their electronic devices, especially mobile phones. The topics that keep popping up on the dining table pull their attention from devices to each other. That situation means more face-to-face communication rather than always on the phone. The Oak Furniture shop now introduces new functional ceramic marble top dining tables to make your life happier and warmer.


The Beauty of Dining Table

Believe it or not, the beauty of a dining table comes from not only the design style of the table but also the use of material. Dining tables are usually manufactured with wood materials such as oak. Oakwood, cherry wood, maple wood, walnut, birch wood and ashwood are the six types of excellent wood materials when making beautiful dining tables. They come in different wooden colours: red, dark brown, brown, and light natural wood colour. Anyone of them can make a simple wooden dining table in a simple or luxurious design. With different types of designs and beautiful natural wooden colours, you will never be wrong when choosing a new dining table for your house.


marble dining table set

The Oak Furniture tells you that the beauty of dining tables does not only from different natural wooden colours but also from extra materials. One of the best materials to add to wooden dining tables is a marble top. The beautiful surface of marble always expresses a sense of pragmatic and luxury at the same time. Furniture with marble design can always upgrade comfort and make your dining room looks more elegant. The Oak Furniture introduces Humbie Natural Solid Oak Large Dining Table with Ceramic Marble Top and Kotala Natural Solid Oak Extendable Dining Table with Ceramic Marble Top, any of them matches your need for a beautiful and functional dining table.



Dining tables are functional and beautiful with marble tops. Get one now to decorate your dining room from Oak Furniture!

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  • Miranda Zhan
Comments 2
  • Mina

    Will you have this one- New Ceramic Marble Top Dining Table- in stock? What is the measurement?

  • Mina

    Will you have this one- New Ceramic Marble Top Dining Table- in stock? What is the measurement?

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