The definitive guide to coffee tables in NZ

The definitive guide to coffee tables in NZ

You say, a coffee table? New Zealanders know the stuff. There’s something special about sitting around it with friends and family for good conversation, laughter and delicious snacks. If you also think so, we’ve created a comprehensive guide for picking the perfect coffee table in NZ. Let’s discuss styles, materials and designs to get a clue about what suits your home best.

Popular styles of coffee tables in NZ

Whether furnishing your first home or redesigning your sofa ensemble, there’s no denying the importance of a proper occasional table. To pick it right, ask yourself if you want to create an astonishing look with unexpected lines or prefer traditional furniture. The main difference between contemporary and classic styles is design-based – smooth edges, curved legs and upturned corners vs elegant and timeless square shapes.

Your decision-making will then bring you to the shape. Round coffee tables for NZ homes are considered more inviting since they create an environment of equal seating with bow-shaped lines, making them ideal for social gatherings. If you’re looking for something that takes up less visual space and neatly fits your room while adding extra surface for storage, rectangular tables are to the rescue.

 A stylish coffee table in an NZ home invites families and friends to spend a great time together

Wood vs stone vs glass

Let’s examine the three main contenders and determine which works best for your living room:

  • Woodis surely the undisputed champion. It visualises style and class, with its natural grain patterns giving coffee tables in NZ a unique charm that can’t be replicated with any other material.
  • Stoneis reliable and unapologetically stylish. It can remain in top condition for centuries if you take good care of it. Really, what could be better than having a stunning piece of marble or granite in your living room?
  • Glassis all about refinement and ethereal lightness, while its transparency creates an illusion of space in small rooms.

The beauty of hardwood coffee tables in NZ

Hardwood coffee tables are probably the most sought-after type in the country. And it’s easy to see why: a wide range of wood species, craftsmanship, versatility and unmatched beauty make them the real stars of the show.

If you’re on the hunt for a hardwood coffee table in NZ, look at the most favoured styles:

  • Traditional. Oak, walnut or cherry wood have a naturally absorbing appeal and make any living room feel cosy. Plus, they usually come with drawers or cabinets built in to hide away your necessities.
  • Modern. With straight lines and earthy tones, these coffee tables look elegant and agelessly stylish. Besides, hardwood pieces develop an attractive patina that adds charm to your room.
  • Rustic. If your furnishing leans towards something more natural, pick oak or pine for incredible warmth and special character.

Before you purchase any piece, measure your room and check the height of your future table. Most coffee tables in NZ are 40-45 cm tall, but it’s crucial to ensure that yours is ergonomically correct for everyone sitting in your living room.

With these tips, buying a table that fits comfortably within your space is as easy as ABC.

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