The Style of the Coffee Table in Your Own Inspiration

The Style of the Coffee Table in Your Own Inspiration

The coffee table can be one of the most important pieces of furniture in your living room. Therefore, it becomes important for you to choose a stylish coffee table that matches your living room. You may be concerned about the styles of your coffee table. The Oak Furniture inspires you to choose an ideal stylish coffee table.

Seattle Natural Solid Oak Small Coffee Table - Oak Furniture Store & Sofas

Different Styles of Coffee Tables  

The traditional coffee table is the common design that never goes off. Most of them are manufactured from carved wood and have an oval or shaped surface - usually rectangle or square. The traditional style coffee table was formed and raised in the last century and it had been popular for a long time.


Modern is another popular style that inspires you when choosing a coffee table. Modern furniture design refers to Bauhaus, Art Deco or any other styles of the mid-20th century. Modern coffee tables are always functional and aesthetical. This style always gives you much inspiration to choose the ideal coffee table for your house.


Contemporary is a broad style that encompasses a range of stylistic designs. Contemporary means any furniture that is styled “of the now,”. The symbolic example of contemporary style is the transformative design, with a set of wedge-shaped ottomans detaching from the main coffee table body. Contemporary coffee tables make inspiration if you are sick of traditional and modern styles and want some new. Seattle Natural Solid Oak Coffee Table and Manchester Natural Solid Oak Coffee Table are perfect contemporary choices from Oak Furniture.


Rustic coffee tables are mostly made of solid wood and carved into simple patterns. The most popular contrast details of rustic coffee tables are brass fittings. The rustic style highlights the sense of old-fashioned countryside design. The Oak Furniture has a French Rustic Coffee Table that brings your inspiration when shopping for furniture.


Coastal coffee tables evoke the feeling of an airy and natural beach house. This type of coffee table has natural shapes and light-toned wood, which inspires you to buy it during summer.


The industrial coffee tables have the features of a purposeful look and feel of factory tools. Their construction includes the aesthetic looking of wood and is rough-hewn and sturdy. The industrial coffee table inspires you if you have loft-style living rooms or want to have furniture that can contrast with softer displays in the living room.


The vintage coffee tables express the quirky feeling. This type of coffee table is a mixture of classic and kitschy looks. Manufacturers often use various repurposed materials to build vintage coffee tables. If you want furniture between stylish and vulgar, here is your inspiration.


Folding coffee tables are utilitarian and save lots of space. They are convenient, flexible, lightweight and portable. You can put them in the storage room if not in use. The folding coffee tables also have great durability.


Low platform-style coffee tables are minimalistic and are very convenient for people to put drinks on them.



There are many styles of wooden coffee tables in Oak Furniture. Come to get your ideal coffee table!

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