Tips for Choosing and Arranging Your Dining Room Furniture

Tips for Choosing and Arranging Your Dining Room Furniture

With pandemic having changed the world for better and for worse, the one good thing which many families have developed as a routine is the habit to eat together. So, whether it is one meal or two or multiple dining room has now become a place where families bond, talk, smile and make memories in.

Hence, families now pay close attention to their dining room, try to bring in better furniture and create a vibe in their new found family room. If you are someone who is looking for a way to re-create your own dining space or probably set up a dining room by your own, then you are at the correct place. Why? It is because today we are going to share some tips for selecting and arranging your dining room furniture. So, keep reading!

Let us be honest that all our houses are of different sizes and hence the requirements owing to dining rooms can vary a lot. Let us discuss dining rooms and the furniture which can be added based on different house sizes.

  • A large house (For example – A mansion)-

For someone who has a dedicated, separate and often a more formal dining space, a large table with a set of 10-12 chairs is a frequent go-to. This often leads to a feeling of monotony! So, to add that extra zing to your dining room and to make it feel more welcome and relaxing here are a few tips you can follow-

  • First and foremost, decide upon the theme of your dining room. It can be something vintage and classy or maybe just something more casual, chilled and laid back.
  • Once you have finalized upon the theme you can begin looking for apt furniture. You can buy stuff if it is available and you can also customize them as per your needs.
  • When you are selecting furniture, you might be overwhelmed with upon seeing a lot of options. At such times keep two things in mind – the vibe you wish to create and your budget.
  • Since such dining rooms often call for a huge dining table with a lot of chairs, you can select a different head chair for that x-factor. You can also play around with different styles of chairs and even colour coordinate them if you like.
  • You can also add side tables to showcase your book collections or may be some art pieces. This will make the guests coming over feel more connected to you.


  • A medium sized house (For example – A townhouse)

These days in-house parties and luncheons are on everyone’s list. Nowadays, people around the world often feel more comfortable calling up friends and meeting to have lunch in the cosy of their home. So, if you are someone with a small or medium-sized family who often have a limited set of friends coming over then the following tips might just be what you need to brighten up your dining space.

  • Our pick – go for a round dining table! Why? It is because a round dining table adds more definition to your room.
  • If you feel like your room is lacking space you can go in for extra sofas or a bench. While selecting this ensure that it should be viewed as an add-on designer piece as well as a utility.
  • You can also add a buffet or a drinks table to give a more casual feel and save some space at the same time. Put in some lamps or plants or maybe just some décor pieces to liven it up!


  • A small house (For example – A 1BHK apartment)

For houses with very limited or small spaces, having a separate dining room might not be a reality and hence they might have dining spaces. But this must not kill the feeling of the space and hence to enhance it follow the tips stated below-

  • Focus on the utility and go for foldable or flexible and multipurpose dining tables and chairs.
  • Add a pop of colour with multi-coloured chairs.


At Oak Furniture, we have furniture to suit all your needs and create the dining room of your dreams. Want to check out? Visit us today!

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