Types of entertainment units to elevate your interior

Types of entertainment units to elevate your interior

A TV is the most prominent visual element in a room and is likely to be the starting point in your furniture arrangements. The entertainment centrepiece that all family members and guests will flock to requires sturdy support and needs to be placed at a suitable viewing distance and height. As for styling – you have plenty of choice if you prefer an entertainment unit to a basic swivel stand or wall mount.

Cabinet or console

The typical cabinet design features a long rectangular body fitted with shelves, drawers and doors that slide or open up. As the most popular type of entertainment unit, it can combine different elements of open and closed storage underneath the tabletop surface your TV rests on. A cabinet is also supposed to conceal wires, cords, sockets and any electronics for a cleaner, uncluttered look.

TV unit with shelves

This practical and visually interesting entertainment unit comes in a variety of configurations, with the TV base flanked by shelves or cubbies. These can hold your media devices and sound systems along with books, decor pieces and collectibles you want to showcase.

Such unit-based systems can be free-standing or wall-mounted for the ‘floating’ effect with open floor space underneath. They can also come with additional lighting options to accent the display.

Corner entertainment unit

In tight spaces, a corner TV stand can be the most convenient option. Besides providing compartments for storing your entertainment essentials and remote controls, it can also be enhanced with a TV hutch – the shelving over a basic TV stand – for smart use of the corner area. This works well for small or narrow rooms.

Interior design elements might have changed, but an entertainment unit is still an unmissable staple

Entertainment centre

A bigger piece of furniture that offers a stylish background for your TV, this entertainment unit can add variety, character and ample storage for a range of things you may want in your living room:
●Extensive DVD or video game collections
●Family photos and keepsakes
●Books, magazines or board games
●Planters or figurines

Entertainment centres don’t have to be gigantic. You can go as big or small as you want with this type of entertainment unit – from compact minimalist constructions to a full-wall setup. And if you favour the latter, consider taking your storage-maximising ambitions to the next level by taking advantage of all available wall space.

Floor-to-ceiling entertainment unit

This is a more upscale option, also known as a built-in media wall, for transforming storage into a stunning display and a design statement. A clean-lined, height-enhancing construction will complement a room of any size and blend into the surrounding interior, giving the space a structured, cohesive and sophisticated look.

Built-in entertainment units can include TV armoire designs or sliding doors if you prefer your TV to be concealed when not in use. Either way, the reason many homeowners love a custom built-in media wall is its potential to anchor a room similar to how a fireplace used to. Contemporary yet a bit nostalgic, this design suits any home style and room but is particularly flattering to small spaces.

In addition to the type and size of an entertainment unit, you’ll have to decide on the material that fits your idea of a welcoming and charming home. Whether you favour extra-wide or tiny wood pieces, you will find plenty of options at Oak Furniture Store & Sofas.

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