Why and how to choose tallboys in NZ

Why and how to choose tallboys in NZ

Vertical storage is one of those buzzwords you may be sceptical about for a reason. But it doesn’t necessarily imply stackable units or storing possessions in hard-to-reach places. The basic storage-boosting options that are taller rather than wider – such as tallboy drawers in NZ – will brighten your interior instead of being an eyesore. What’s more, they improve the ergonomics of any space by keeping your essentials organised and within easy reach.

What is a tallboy’s historical counterpart may not have been convenient to use. Even though it sported an elaborate attire of carved embellishments, inlays and forged hardware, a boxy wardrobe of the past is a far cry from the modern, sleek furniture pieces. But its original purpose was similar: keeping personal items together or holding decor and keepsakes for display.

Many homeowners gravitate toward hardwood tallboys in NZ to welcome their elegant look

Making the most of the natural beauty, grain and sheen of hardwood, the best styles of tallboy drawers in NZ are versatile and functional additions to any interior. Whether you love traditional or modern decorating, the elegance of genuine solid wood will fit right in.

What makes hardwood the best choice for a tallboy in NZ?

  • With an abundance of contemporary trends and designs, tallboy materials and finishes can be hard to mix and match without expert guidance. To play it safe, opt for solid wood. Its soft natural tones and wood grain patterns are much easier to incorporate into any home’s style and palette.
  • Durability is also a concern: cheap tallboy drawers in NZ made of plywood, MDF or veneer will never have the same sturdiness and lasting performance as natural solid wood.
  • Given the daily and active use, it makes sense that one of your most hardworking furniture pieces should be made of hardwood.
  • Premium-grade solid wood makes any space feel upscale, warm and welcoming at the same time.
  • Hardwood tallboys create visual interest – and a perfect surface for displaying decorative items.

If you favour greener styles or a minimalistic aesthetic, you’ll love the Oak Furniture tallboys. Made with ethically sourced oak cuts, they are all crafted locally, featuring simple and timeless designs. The finishing touches include hand oiling, waxing, modern hardware, angled corner feet and soft-close drawers. 

To accentuate your home’s unique feel and personality, the Oak Furniture tallboys are premium-quality and made of hardwood. It’s the only answer for homeowners excited about the best tallboys in NZ.

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