Main Types of "WOOD" Furniture

Main Types of "WOOD" Furniture 0

When you've ever bought furniture, chatted with someone who has purchased furniture, or even looked into purchasing furniture, we can bet you've asked yourself, "why is solid wooden furniture are so expensive?"
  • Shan Lin
Different types of finish on Oak

Different types of finish on Oak 0

Oak is otherwise known as the Living wood this means that extremes of heat or cold, dryness or damp, are likely to have an effect on your Oak Furniture.
  • Shan Lin
Why Hardwood Slider for Drawers?

Why Hardwood Slider for Drawers? 0

When buying a solid wooden furniture with drawers, you may think about what types of sliding system for the drawers you should choose? Any types of the metal sliding system have a certain number of years for its life, they don’t last forever. 
  • Shan Lin
Raw Materials & Process

Raw Materials & Process 0


In the past years. We are aiming to make real solid furniture to be affordable for every families in New Zealand for our environment and our future generations. 

  • Shan Lin