4 Tips: Choosing High-Quality Bed Frame

4 Tips: Choosing High-Quality Bed Frame 0

A high-quality bed is one of your best investments. And because you spend a third of your life asleep, it’s vital to take time to choose the best new bed.

When it comes to sleep essentials, avoid impulse buying. Try to do your research before even considering buying a new one. If you won’t, you might end up regretting your decision. The wrong bed can lead to body pains, a bad back, and obviously, more cranky mornings. Get your good night’s sleep with a high-quality bed and improve your well-being with proper rest. Before buying your sleep essentials, learn these tips and tricks.

Choosing the Best Bed

Many people assume that choosing a bed is simple: you just simply go to furniture stores in Auckland  NZ, and voila, you get a high-quality bed. However, it isn’t as simple as that. You have a lot of things to consider, from mattress types, bed designs to mattress sizes. So, we’ve made a list to help you in your search for the best bed.

  1. Read reviews from real customers.

    So as not to waste time visiting every furniture shops nz in your community, you need to be thorough in your research. Pay little attention to how furniture companies advertise themselves and read reviews from real customers who had already purchased their products.

    After reading the reviews, you can pick at least five different stores where you can choose your new bed.

  2. Visit five different furniture stores in Auckland, NZ.

    Do you want to buy a bed frame in NZ? The best way to go with your purchase is by visiting an actual store. Online shopping may be convenient, but it’s equally important to check the bed in the store’s showroom. This way, you will have a better perspective on the item.

  3. Check it out – lie on it.

    The bed you see on the website may be exactly what you see in the showroom. However, looks can be deceiving, and it’s essential to try it for yourself.

    If allowed, lie on it and have a feel of it. Ask yourself these questions before making the decision: Does it offer adequate support? Is it comfortable to lie on? Does it have enough space for you?

  4. Always consider your room size.

    Have you ever experienced buying a bed that does not fit your bedroom? Well, some people have. To avoid this problem, you should consider the size of your room.

    Measure your room and the bed you’re planning to buy, whether it’s a double or a single bed frame in NZ. Imagine your space with all the furniture. If you are sure that everything fits perfectly, then it’s time to complete your purchase.

Better Quality. Better Sleep.

If you’re looking for a comfortable bed, then Oak Furniture Store & Sofa’s Bed Frame NZ is one of the best there is.

Once you make the switch to this mattress, you will wonder why you didn’t do so sooner. It features:

  • Pure New Zealand wool and natural silk, which offers a breathable, hypo-allergenic sleeping surface
  • The FusionGel R, an innovative memory foam technology, which provides you with a luxuriously comfortable feel and active support for your body every time you sleep
  • Medium Latex material that promotes a better and healthier sleep with its natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • Individually encased Smart Response Pocketed coils that give your body optimum support and cradle the areas that need it most.

Every Oak Furniture Store & Sofa’s Bed Frame NZ is specially designed to offer the maximum comfort and luxury sleep you always deserved. Purchase one now!

For more details and information, call us at 09 579 9866.

  • Shan Lin
What Are Our Brand Concepts

What Are Our Brand Concepts 0


1. Solid wooden furniture, eco friendly for the global future.

Since Oak Furniture Store & Sofas started in NZ from 2014. We have been kept our best effort to making and selling 100% solid wooden furniture, No strictly not allowed MDF, chipboards and any artificial material to be used on any piece of our furniture products.



2. We care about the quality and details.

Strict selection of the raw timbers, keep upgrading the painting supplier to make sure always the most eco-friendly paint to be used on our furniture. We have been kept using traditional ways of wooden cabinet NZ making skills on all the joints and backs. Our QA team carefully inspects every piece produced before packaging.



Our designing team keeps updating the world newest designs in the furniture industry not only for the look, but also we make them more functional for your home & Living.



4. Affordability

It is the most important thing to make every New Zealander could afford solid hardwood furniture for their own loved home and their children are growing up in a healthier environment.



  • Shan Lin
How Our Quality Assurance work!

How Our Quality Assurance work! 0

As Oak Furniture Store's Quality Assurance, I know that consumers browsing the web could be forgiven for thinking that many similar items of the wooden cabinet in New Zealand are in fact identical. It is therefore my responsibility to illustrate the difference between different pieces of furniture. A reputable manufacturer such as ourselves will take the time to point out signs of the quality of the timber used to make the furniture, as opposed to some Internet traders, who may care only for the sale and not the substance. I hope that the following guide will help you, a valued customer, to understand how our products differ to those of some other online retailers.

Here are two bedsides wooden cabinet NZ in order to inspect and compare the quality of the two pieces. To the naked eye, the two cabinets look very similar in style and seem to be made from a similar type of wood. The bedside on the left I purchased online for $255. It was advertised as being made of solid oak. The bedside on the right is our own factory manufactured product, from the sought-after Cambridge range. The first difference to mention is the design of both items. The bedside drawer on the left has a square top. However, the Cambridge chest of drawers has a bevelled machined top. This adds to the uniqueness of its design and hence its appeal as a stylish item of bedroom furniture. Next there is the question of colour.

The Cambridge has the same colour throughout, whereas the other bedside has lighter drawer fronts and darker legs. The left hand side drawer is not in fact made of solid oak, thus it is lighter than the Cambridge bedside which is made from grade A North American White Oak. This is why on the Cambridge product the colour remains consistent throughout. Now let’s delve deeper. I can clearly see that the $255 bedside has a different backing, namely a sheet of very cheap plywood which has been stapled on. Our Oak Furniture Store’s Cambridge range bedside on the other hand has a full solid oak back. This ensures quality and full stability to the unit. Another point to mention is the tops of the units from behind. The unit on the left isn’t in fact a solid top. Instead, it has a ‘sandwich’ of timber, made up of a cheaper timber with just a slither of an oak veneered top. The Cambridge range top on the right has a solid top throughout, again manufactured from grade A North American White Oak. My job as Quality Inspector is to ensure that all our pieces are made only from this sought-after material. This photograph shows the internal construction of the $255 bedside. It demonstrates that the drawer frame is actually constructed from soft wood pine which meets a sheet of plywood at the back. From a Quality Inspector’s point of view, this type of corner cutting is unacceptable.

By looking at the internal side of the chest I can also see that the material is not oak. It is in fact the back of a slice of oak veneer. This demonstrates that the unit in question has complete oak veneer sides, supported with a pine cross bar panel. To the right is an image of the internal Oak Furniture Shops in NZ manufactured unit. The difference is immediately clear. You can see the solid oak back, the solid oak drawer runners, solid oak cross bars and of course the solid oak sides to the units. This unit is clearly 100% solid American White Oak. The differences will continue to astound you, so read on.

As you can see above pictures, the drawer slider on both cabinets are different. There is no wooden cabinet NZ rail on the left-hand unit, the drawer box is sitting on soft pine to slide in and out, which is a much cheaper material, whereas our Cambridge drawer box is manufactured from 100% solid oak with center oak sliding rail, which is the best sliding system for solid hardwood furniture. 

By this point you have probably fully understood the differences in these units. There is, however, one further point to consider, a point which I, as Quality Inspector, feel is important for you, the customer, to note. The Cambridge range is clearly made of solid oak, whilst its lesser counterpart is simply an oak frame filled with a middle veneer. This is what causes the shade difference between the two. Of course, the view below is also a great view to demonstrate the huge differences in the actual size of the bedsides too! From studying this series of pictures, it is clear to see the difference between buying an item of furniture from a trader online or purchasing an item from a reputable manufacturer such as myself. It is simple to buy direct a 100% Solid North American wood furniture unit from Woods Furniture. Hopefully you can see the full advantages of ordering from the direct manufacturer, namely real value for your money! But even the QA admits that they look the same on the Internet: Of course, we know now that these two products are totally different. Luckily, you have found our website, where you can order your top quality 100% solid oak furniture direct from us at Oak Furniture Store & Sofas the actual manufacturer. This ensures that you get the finest quality furniture direct at the lowest price, instead of some cheap imitation. Oak Furniture Store & Sofas – Solid oak furniture, built to last, as guaranteed by me, the Oak Furniture Store & Sofas Quality Assurance .

  • Shan Lin
New Cherry Wood Range

New Cherry Wood Range 0

We are very glad to introduce Cheery wood into our hardwood furniture family in New Zealand. as one of the most exquisite species of wood in the world, furniture made out of cherry wood is sure to bring delight to any owner. This versatile wood that comes from the cherry tree is known for its beauty and durability; think of it as the classy all-star of woods. Classified under the category of hardwood, fine-grained cherry wood is used for several different interior furnishing and design needs. From its color to its dependability to its aging qualities, cherry wood is a wood incomparable to no other. With so many benefits to investing in this timeless material, here are some reasons why your next piece of custom timber furniture should be made out of cherry wood!

1. Exotic color

Naturally, beautifully colored, cherry wood is a material that doesn’t necessarily need any extra enhancements. Even though the species of wood can take staining beautifully, it already comes in two different “colors”: sapwood and heartwood. The former coming from the outmost exterior part of the tree, sapwood is known for its light, yellow and brownish tint. On the other hand, heartwood comes from the center of the tree and has more of that signature look of cherry wood as it holds a darker, rich red-cherry tone. With varying versions of cherry wood colors, it’s possible to exhibit the beauty of the different types of cherry wood in your own home!

2. Strong, durable, and dependable

Being that it is a hardwood, cherry wood can not only hold up over time, but with weight, as well. Best suitable for your furniture that needs to hold heavier items over time or just needs to remain as strong as it was the day you bought it, cherry wood is a great asset to any home decor. Another great benefit to this wood is it is capable of fighting off insects and even, fungi. Don’t you want to have custom timber furniture that you can pass down in the family for generations to come?

3. Flexible

Some woods are harder to work with than others in order to accomplish the desired finished result; this is not the case with cherry. The flexibility of cherry allows it to be a material that can be used to create various types of furniture and more. Particularly good for detailing and carving, cherry is good for making such furniture for the home as armoires, dining room tables, nightstands, and dressers. Not to mention, cherry can lend itself to produce such versatile pieces as wooden cabinet nz, wood instruments, flooring, and boat interiors.

4. Stylish

Out of all the different species of wood, cherry is probably the most coveted for its elegantly timeless stylish properties. While cherry is good for attaining an antique, vintage look, it can also supply a tasteful and aesthetically appealing feel to any room it is added to. The red tones of cherry create an attractive glow, no matter if you are working with light sapwood pieces or darker, deeper heartwoods. If you’re looking for a piece to add to your home that will help create a stylish look and complement your existing pieces, cherry wooden cabinet nz and furniture is definitely what you’re looking for!

5. Beautiful aging properties

With all its other benefits, it wouldn’t seem like investing in cherry wood furniture could get any better. Even so, the benefits of cherry just keep coming even long after purchase. For aesthetic purposes, with consistent proper maintenance, cherry wood furniture will continue to keep its unrivaled shine for years. While some woods may weaken over time, cherry remains strong and dependable. Who can complain about such a feature? Another factor of cherry’s aging is its darkening elements. With longer periods of exposure to light, cherry wood darkens over time. For this reason, your furniture will gain a deeper red tone that will reflect its elegant aging process. Since this darkening process varies with exposure to light, care should be taken to frequently move items around that have been placed on cherry table tops. You would not want a circle of a lighter area in the middle of the table where you left that lamp for a week! This darkening process occurs mostly during the first 2 years, after which your piece should be mostly stable. With cherry wood, you will find that your furniture will only get better with time.

After reviewing all the different reasons to consider using cherry wood for your furniture, what better choice could be made? With such versatility in color, design, style, durability, aging, and more, cherry wood supplies furniture buyers with options to customize their home exactly the way they want. Mixing different shades of cherry wood and different styles of furniture will definitely liven up and give your living quarters a timeless elegance no other species of wood is capable of supplying!


  • Shan Lin