Shopping of 100% Solid Hardwood Furniture

If you dare to upgrade your home furniture made of solid American Oak? Oak Furniture Store & Sofas is here to inspire homeowners with 100% solid hardwood LIVING ROOM, DINING ROOM, home office, and BEDROOM FURNITURE in NZ. Each piece we create serves a purpose, from defining textures in your home to adding a lasting touch to your interior. There’s no interior style that looks out of place with solid hardwood, so your renovation is sure to be a success, whether you’re looking for a bed or buffet table in NZ. Let your eyes wander through our online collections or behold the beauty of our furniture in person at our Auckland showroom. It displays our best CHEST OF DRAWERS, tables, chairs, beds, and SIDEBOARDS in NZ. Oak Furniture Store & Sofas is a premier NZ home furniture store both online and from our showroom situated in Auckland since 2016. We supply solid hard wood furniture built by 100% Solid American Oak, Cherry and Walnut timber as well as quality NZ made SOFAS & MATTRESSES for your home.

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By offering a wide ranges of high quality hard wood furniture at affordable prices to every families in New Zealand, we ensure competitive prices, prompt delivery and a after-sales service to ensure that all our customers are satisfied at every stage of a purchase. Whatever you might be searching for, we supply solid hard wooden furniture for every room of the house, in a vast range of designs to suit any type of décor. From the hall way when you walk in, to the bedroom when you go to bed, we ensure only the best quality furniture for your home. We guarantee the best furniture solutions for your varying needs. Our approach is simple: we make beautiful, high quality and solid hardwood furniture accessible to every family in NZ.  Our online store is fully supportive of e commerce functionality, please feel free and confident to shop on our online store, we also keen to hear your feedback about our products and services for our overall improvement in the future.