Raw Materials & Process

Raw Materials & Process


In the past years. We are aiming to make real solid furniture to be affordable for every families in New Zealand for our environment and our future generations. 


Where The Wood From 

Most of our raw timber are imported from north American Appalachian forest including Oak, Cherry and Black Walnut only FAS grade. We are carefully monitor the timber we used on our furniture has minimum the wood knot and color difference.


About FAS Grade Lumber

Hardwood lumber grading is a complex process using rules maintained by the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA: www.natlhardwood.org).  The NHLA rules were designed to provide the furniture industry a mathematically measurable method to grade lumber for its amount of clear, defect free wood. 

 Oak is not Rubber wood 

A lot of people are confusing about Oak and Rubber wood, they are totally DIFERENT types of wood. Oak is growing in North America, Europe and Russian, they have clear large beautiful grain and used on royal furniture over 100 years. The Rubber wood is growing in south east Asia area with no beautiful grain with small black dots in very low price.   


North American Black Walnut - The presence of luxurious


Luxurious with beautiful color and dignity are the best words of the description of the North American Black Walnut. Slow growing with very high density makes the price stand on the top range of the world in lumber industry.

Some top world designed houses are using black walnut for part of the renovation as well as luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce and Bentley.


New Zealand Pine - The World Best Soft Wood 

There are many types of pine wood in the world, but NZ pine is the best soft wood in furniture making industry. NZ pine is also named as Radiata Pine also has a wide uses in decking, fencing, exterior cladding, window sashes, pergolas, landscaping, shingles, barge boards and exterior trim.


We use NZ pine on some of our furniture as subsidiary material such as the bed frame slats to make sure the frame support the maximum weight. 


Environmental Friendly Paint 

Environment friendly is big topic in the world, we are all working hard to keep our earth cleaning as human being for our future generations. We are closely monitoring the painting oil we used on our furniture has minimum methanol, VOC and benzene.


Craftmanship Accomplish The Top Quality Standard 


Every piece of furniture we make went through hundreds of manufacturing process to become a piece of art for your home.








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