About Us

Oak Furniture Store & Sofas
Oak Furniture Store & Sofas is proudly launched in New Zealand as a part of Pacific Furnishings Group. Pacific Furnishings Group is a global company with a head office in Beijing China with its own distribution centers in Shanghai, Qingdao, Auckland and Huchiming ports.

What We Do

Ever since our beginning in 2014, we’ve always put quality at the number #1 for everything we do. Now, as the NZ’s largest retailer of solid hardwood furniture, it’s our mission to help every home find beautiful investment pieces that will truly stand the test of time.

Oak Furniture Store & Sofas believed that every home deserves beautiful furniture that will last a lifetime, and the industry experience taught us that great pieces don’t have to cost the earth. Close partnership with the international standard manufacture suppliers and quality control teams, with no expensive middlemen to add on costs, OFS crafted a furniture business as forward-thinking. Oak Furniture Store & Sofas create high quality solid hard wood furniture, in classic designs that are built to last.

Our Mission

We want to make beautiful, high quality and solid hard wood furniture accessible to every family in the NZ. This means that all of our mattresses, sofas, and hardwood furniture pieces are designed to the best specification, and at the lowest possible prices.

And we know that price matters, so we have unique direct relationships with our suppliers with no middlemen or wholesalers involved to drive up costs. This means that we can offer you unbeatable prices, while designing products with the same luxury touches we would want in our own homes.

Our unique business model allows us to pass those savings straight from our furniture-makers to you, with everyday great low prices and incredible sales whenever possible!

How we do it

We’ve been working hard to make it easy to bring our affordable high quality furniture into your home. We’ve simplified the delivery process, with a great Home National Delivery Team who fulfills on average 5000 orders every year in NZ. Plus, delivery to whatever room you want, it can’t be beat.

Our fantastic team works in vibrant combined head office/showroom and local warehouse in the central Auckland, total over 40,000 sqm distribution centers globally, and own delivery vans and external freight company. We take care of every step in the process, from the design to the after sales care, to make sure it meets our high standards.

So if you’re driven to only bring the best into your home, you can shop confidently with us, knowing you’ll always find stylish investment pieces that will stand the test of time in your home.