Coffee Tables In Your Style

Coffee Tables In Your Style

As the living condition becomes better, people's standard of life also rises. This change in living standards affects everything in our life: from choices of each meal to personal dressing style, and finally to different styles of furniture. Today's furniture requirements not only feature functionality but also designs that can attract people's attention. There is an increasing amount of customers that are looking for functional and decorative furniture that come in different styles, especially coffee tables. The Oak Furniture here guides you to find coffee tables in your style.  

Briefing Coffee Table Styles

There are different styles of coffee tables in the furniture market. The well-known coffee table styles are Modern, Classic, Victorian, French rustic and Mediterranean. However, people today love mixed-style coffee tables, so the market introduces Humbie, Manchester, Chamfer, Seattle and other types of mixed-style coffee tables.

The Humbie Style Oak Coffee Table 

The Humbie style coffee table is a delightful feature that can add to either modern or classic style furniture. You can also take it as a renewed mixture of the modern and classical designed coffee table. The Humbie coffee tables are usually made from high-quality natural solid oak. The choice of solid oak makes these coffee tables more durable and keeps their beauty for a long time. If you love coffee tables with rounded corners and flat-fronted drawers then Humbie Natural Solid Oak Coffee Table from Oak Furniture will be your style. This style of coffee table is made up of 50% functional and 50% decorative.

The Manchester Style Oak Coffee Table

If you are looking for a special coffee table that comes from craftsmanship, with a simple modern design and some Oriental favour, then the Manchester coffee table will be your best choice. The Manchester coffee tables all have gently splayed legs and smooth edges that express a sense of clean aesthetic, which means they are functional and artistic at the same time. Come to Oak Furniture to get new introduced Manchester Natural Solid Oak Coffee Table.

The Chamfer Style Oak Coffee Table 

In comparison to the first two styles, the Chamfer styled coffee tables are products from artisan and craftsmanship. If you want your furniture to be more adorable, and artistic rather than functional, then choose Chamfer Solid Oak Coffee Table from Oak Furniture. These coffee tables are popular in contemporary designed houses. They also come in other wooden colours such as shadow grey.

Seattle Style Oak Coffee Table

If you want to fill your house with a coffee table that looks soft, elegant and easy to carry, then the Seattle oak coffee table will be the top choice. Seattle coffee table usually has bevelled edges and tapered legs that express a sense of relaxation in your house. The Oak Furniture introduces you to our new product - Seattle Natural Solid Oak Coffee Table which adds elements of elegance, modernity, attractive and functionality to your house.


The oak coffee tables come out in various styles, come to find your one at Oak Furniture!

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