Guide to buying furniture in NZ: What to look for

Guide to buying furniture in NZ: What to look for

You probably don’t buy new sofas and tables every day. So, no matter what style or functional improvement you’re aiming for when shopping for furniture in NZ, adding a lasting design element to your interior should take centre stage. Better yet, view furniture that ‘lasts for years’ as what you’ll be satisfied with for a long time rather than something that can hold up to the anticipated wear and tear.

It’s easy to fall in love with a certain trend or design – but will it be a good fit for your home? Some of those fancy, quirky and colourful objects that look picture-perfect online are well-made and exclusively crafted. But, unlike smaller impulse purchases, it’s more of a hassle to return an item of furniture in NZ if it doesn’t work well with your space or interior design. And it’s even worse living with an awkward-sized piece you keep bumping into.

Here are a few pointers to guide your selection process for furniture in NZ that is sold online.

When you go online to buy furniture in NZ, you need more than just photos to envision the desired piece in your home

Measure several times to buy once

That ancient wisdom extends to online and in-store purchases of furniture in NZ. Figuring out the dimensions your new piece must fit is easier if you are replacing a similar item. You can also turn to 3D design tools if it’s part of a bigger renovation project, complete refurbishment or moving to a new home.

A simpler tip for getting an idea of the correct dimensions is outlining the area for your furniture with masking tape, books or sheets of paper. This way, you create its visual projection and correlation of the size and placement with the rest of your space.

Evaluate your preferences for furniture in NZ

What looks stylish and appealing to your eyes may not be the best fit for your lifestyle, daily needs or the specific area you’re buying for – and even the time you can devote to cleaning and maintenance. But rather than learning this the hard way, consider the following right off the bat:
● Intended use
● Traffic
● Individual habits of your family members
If you have kids and pets, avoid white and light colours, glass surfaces, fragile decor pieces and high-maintenance furniture in NZ.

Also, keep in mind that some materials are more prone to stains, scratches and smudges. Do you agree that wear only adds character to wood or stone? Then, it’s probably your best bet. Are you happy to live with smudges and fingerprints on glossy surfaces? In this case, you may refocus on glass.

The true colour and quality behind product photos

Is the unit you are about to purchase as good as its photos and description? That’s the trickiest question to answer and the key reason many people looking for furniture in NZ online eventually check the quality and colour choices at showrooms. Some product descriptions may deliberately lack important information or detailed photos. So, don’t hesitate to ask for additional data by chatting with a representative or requesting more photos before making a decision.

Due to colour-displaying variances between different cameras and screens, some furniture in NZ can look completely different in reality. If shading nuances are important for deciding whether an item will mix in with the rest of your interior, you can ask for photos in a different setting or visit a showroom to confirm the colour match.

Where can you see it with your own eyes?

Welcome to the showroom of Oak Furniture Store & Sofas to see the best in quality and natural beauty of hardwood, try out the features and test everything from sturdiness to convenience in person. That’s where your finest furniture options are displayed for you to compare in Auckland.

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