Choosing the perfect dining table and chairs for your NZ home

Choosing the perfect dining table and chairs for your NZ home

If there’s anything that remains unchanged about dining suites for decades, it’s that they are quite an investment. Everything else has seen many transformations – even formal sets. Once reserved for weekend family dining and guest entertainment, they have evolved into the hardest-working pieces in today’s homes. The thing is that dining tables and chairs in NZ get a lot of daily action, often doubling as home offices or study areas. They can no longer be made of unstable and flimsy materials.

Whether you are making changes to your home’s functional layout or upgrading from an old table, you want to zoom in on durable wood materials. But there are a few extra things to check when deciding on the best dining room furniture to invest in.

A lot of space-related and interior design criteria are involved when choosing a dining table and chairs in NZ

Key factors that will shape your decision

How long and how often will you sit at the table?

Do you have to move around a lot when others are seated?

Would you like a part of your dining set tucked away when not in use?

Today, versatility and functional longevity are more of a priority than ever. That said, the basic criteria for choosing your dining table and chairs in NZ are the same:
● Being a good fit within your space (shape+size)
● Providing visual interest and focus
● Complementing other design elements
● Seating a certain number of people comfortably
Functional longevity is always there when working with your interior and other furnishings across trends and preferences. Whether you are set on the colours of your walls or have decided to switch to an all-the-rage colour, your ideal suite should go well with any changes. That’s where wood sets are celebrated as the most versatile dining room enhancements.

Additionally, you can complement your dining table with chairs in NZ that come in contrasting or bright colours. This works for fun accents or making a visual statement.

Size and extendable convenience

Fitting enough people and providing ample room to move around are the most important things to balance when buying a dining table and chairs in NZ. This may seem like a difficult choice in smaller or restricted spaces. But luckily, you don’t have to compromise one for the other anymore.

To avoid a confined feel of your table and chairs getting in the way of access to other areas, opt for extendable designs. They make it easy to change the size from what’s optimal for everyday dining to what provides enough space to eat and socialise when friends come around. Likewise, allowing zones for different functions is more convenient with folding and extendable styles than committing to a larger suite that looks out of balance in a small room.

Dining tables and chairs in NZ that match your space

There are lots of dining suite options to enhance your intimate dining experiences, family conversations, parties and daily activities. Here are a few tips for you:
● Round tables fit best in irregular-shaped or open-plan settings.
● Pedestal-base designs maximise seating potential and legroom.
● Upholstered sets feel more comfortable, but transparent or semi-transparent dining tables and chairs in NZ work wonders for small spaces.
● Chairs with armrests and footrests will do you a favour if you spend a significant amount of time seated.
The fastest way to arrive at a decision? Prioritise your comfort, lifestyle needs and the quality of materials when choosing a dining table and chairs for your NZ home.

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