How to choose a dining table

How to choose a dining table

Are you tired of your old, rickety dining surface and ready to shell out for a new one? Purchasing dining tables is exciting, and this decision can impact how you entertain your guests and enjoy meals at home. Before you head to the furniture store, take a moment to consider these essential factors that will guide you to the ideal centrepiece of your eating area.

Dining tables and styles are indivisible

Formal or casual? Choose a traditional dining table if you frequently host dinner parties or prefer an undemonstrative setting. For daily dining, a rustic or farmhouse style is an excellent fit. Pair it with cushioned chairs or benches for a relaxed vibe.

Do your needs fall somewhere in the middle? A transitional style works well for both casual and more formal dining. Clean lines, natural wood tones and stripped-down ornamentation can fill up any dining area with beauty.

Determine your dining table size

This piece of furniture is the heart of your home, where memories are made over delicious meals with friends and family. To make it comfortable for all lunches and gatherings, think about the optimal size.

A large dining table, like 160-200 cm, is perfect if you have a separate dining room. More compact tables under 160 cm long are better for an eat-in kitchen or small areas.

When measuring, don’t forget about enough space between the seats. Additionally, factor it in between the walls or other furniture for people to sit comfortably.

Select your preferred dining table material

What material do you envision for your new table? The rule of thumb is to choose what you’ll love living with – whether for everyday meals, get-togethers or both:

  • Stone. Did you say an unbreakable option and low maintenance? Natural stone surfaces are sleek and resistant to stains and scratches. The caveat? They come at a high cost.
  • Tempered glass. For a modern feel, reinforced glass is matchless. You will praise its transparent surface and ease of cleaning, but its durability may be a nuisance.
  • Metal. Metal dining table sare chic, contemporary and industrial. Metal can also be combined with wood tops for contrast and works well for outdoor tables.
  • Hardwood. Natural wood is a classic and warmly inviting feast for the eyes. Oak, pine and other types are the most sought-after and durable options for any dining room. For many, wood’s natural feel and beauty are archetypal, evoking a ‘feeling of home.’

A dining table is considered a major piece of dining room furniture

Put additional features on your radar

Dining tables are not created equal. They may have basic designs or useful add-ons, such as:

  • Extendable leaves. If you fancy flexibility, buy an extendable table with leaves that slide in to make it larger when needed.
  • Integrated storage. Built-in drawers or cabinet bases provide a handy spot to stash flatware or other dining essentials.
  • Protective pads. Felt pads, sliders or casters are helpful if you’re going to pull your table out for extra seating or move it when cleaning the dining room.

Do the math

Setting a budget makes your buying experience more rewarding. Determine what you can afford before seriously shopping to end up with a table you love without going overboard or regretting how much you spent.

With thoughtful consideration of your space, style and budget, it’s easy to revamp your dining room with a new dining table.

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