The Art of Preserving Your Oak Furniture in NZ: Combat Winter Cracking

The Art of Preserving Your Oak Furniture in NZ: Combat Winter Cracking

The transition into the cooler months in New Zealand brings a unique set of challenges for oak furniture owners. At the Oak Furniture Store, we're dedicated to ensuring your cherished pieces withstand the test of time and temperature. Here's a comprehensive guide to preventing winter cracks, along with the specialized care products we offer.

Managing Indoor Humidity in NZ Winter

In Auckland winter months often come with higher humidity levels, which can be detrimental to oak furniture. To prevent moisture-related damage and maintain a healthy balance of 40%-60% humidity:

  • Employ dehumidifiers to reduce excess moisture.
  • Use moisture absorbers in strategic locations around your furniture.
  • Regularly ventilate your space to prevent stale, humid air from settling.

These measures are essential for protecting your oak furniture from swelling or molding during the humid winter season.

Applying Care Products

We recommend regular application of our professional wood care products, specifically formulated for oak. Our furniture care selection includes oils and waxes that are perfect for nourishing the wood and enhancing its natural resistance to moisture and cracks.

Positioning Away from Extreme Elements

The harsh sunlight streaming through windows or the intense heat from a fireplace or heater could be detrimental. Reconfiguring the layout of your space to shield your furniture from these elements can significantly reduce the risk of damage.

Tips for Daily Use

The way you interact with your furniture daily plays a vital role in its preservation.

  • Clean with a semi-damp cloth rather than one that's soaking wet to prevent excess water from seeping in.
  • Always use heat-resistant mats under hot dishes or decor items to avoid heat marks on the wood.

Embrace the quirkiness of real oak. While it may respond to the colder months with minor changes, these are part of its living charm. If you're concerned about cracking, it's essential to provide your oak furniture with regular care and attention. The Oak Furniture Store has all the care products you'll need to keep your furniture in pristine condition throughout the seasonal shifts and beyond.

Taking these proactive steps can ensure your oak furniture remains a centerpiece of your home's ambiance, embodying both resilience and timeless elegance. Visit us at the Oak Furniture Store, where we equip you with the finest furniture NZ has to offer and the expertise to keep it looking its best.

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