Matching Your Oak Color Scheme

Matching Your Oak Color Scheme

Understanding the subtle differences in oak colors can transform the ambiance of a room, creating a cohesive and appealing aesthetic. Our diverse oak furniture collections at the Oak Furniture Store cater to varied tastes and design needs. Here's a guide to matching your decor with the right oak color scheme from our unique ranges.


Red Oak Furnishings

Known for its warm tones and prominent grain patterns, red oak adds a touch of classic elegance. Our Seattle, Humbie, and Oslo collections embody the strength and beauty of red oak, ideal for spaces that seek to create a welcoming yet sophisticated feel. Given its relative abundance compared to white oak, red oak offers a more cost-effective option for those who value both durability and economy. 

White Oak Accents

White oak's lighter hues and durability make it a popular choice for contemporary spaces. The Manchester collection boasts a minimalist charm, offering clean lines and a refined finish that can brighten any room and complement a modern aesthetic. As white oak is less abundant and often used in wine barrel production, it commands a higher price than red oak, reflecting its premium quality and exceptional durability.

Manchester Natural Solid Oak Queen Size Bed (New Product Coming Soon!) - Oak Furniture Store & Sofas

Cost Considerations

When selecting oak furniture, it's important to consider the cost implications. White oak typically comes at a higher price point than red oak and rubberwood due to its limited availability and popular use in winemaking, which has reduced its importation and increased its value. For those seeking practicality and a higher cost-to-value ratio, red oak furniture emerges as a smart choice, offering sturdy and lasting furnishings at a more accessible price. For discerning customers who desire the finest quality, with an emphasis on moisture resistance and longevity, white oak stands out as the superior selection.

Rustic Oak Selections

For a more rugged, earthy look, our rustic oak pieces convey a sense of timelessness. The French rustic collection utilizes Russia oak to bring a sense of traditional craftsmanship, while our Renwick range, featuring European Oak Sawn Timber, presents a raw, natural beauty perfect for creating a cozy, rustic environment.

Renwick Rustic Solid Oak 3+2 Chest of Drawers - Oak Furniture Store & Sofas

French Rustic Solid Oak Dressing Table Set - Oak Furniture Store & Sofas

Ash Wood Choices

Ash wood, known for its light color and flexibility, offers a softer look. Collections like Beverley, along with the Seattle ash dining table and Oscar dining chair, showcase the versatile nature of ash wood, making it suitable for a variety of interior themes, from Scandinavian-inspired to casual chic.

Beverley Natural Solid Ash Dressing Table - Oak Furniture Store & Sofas

Seattle Natural Solid Oak Large Dining Table - Oak Furniture Store & Sofas

By choosing the right oak color and type for your furniture, you can achieve a harmonious design that enhances your home's overall style. Visit our collection pages to see how each furniture range can contribute to your desired interior aesthetic.

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