Tips for Choosing the Right Dining Tables for Your Space: Appearance and Function

Tips for Choosing the Right Dining Tables for Your Space: Appearance and Function

 Today, fewer NZ houses have a formal dining room. But your home wouldn’t be complete without a breakfast nook or a dining area where the entire family can get together and socialise at mealtimes. When open-concept layouts, kitchen breakfast bars and counter stools were all the rage, many homeowners were in two minds: is a dining table necessary, or is it a thing of the past?

But trends are just that – going away soon and lacking functionality as your needs change. Time has proven the importance of the dining table, especially when you have to do everything from home. It’s an essential element of maintaining a family routine.

The dining room is a sight to behold with a beautiful solid wood dining table

A top-of-the-range solid wood dining table will become the highlight of your ‘flex space’ and can switch between activities with you. From seating your family members or visitors for a meal, a cup of tea or chat to serving as your everyday study space or craft and art nook – a sturdy wood table can do it all and much more.

Extendable dining tables are the style #1 to pack lots of functionality

Traditionally, the beauty of a hardwood piece would be enhanced by making it the centrepiece. But today, dining tables in NZ are designed with the scarcity of square footage in mind, so you don’t have to place one front and centre to create a comfortable area with a unique homecoming vibe.

Extendable dining tables are the next level of functionality to accommodate your everyday dining needs and double as work surfaces or fold so you have more room for other activities. Should you have guests over or any family gatherings, the table surface slides or opens instantly to fit the dinnerware or board games in. In their compact or extended layout, such dining tables are perfect for encouraging meaningful communication and quality time together – even in the tightest of spaces in New Zealand.

To choose your best extendable table, think of this:

  • Rectangular tables fit more serving dishes and offer more legroom.
  • Round tables maximise seating in smaller areas while making it easier to walk around.
  • The timeless look of wood is the best option – regardless of the shape – to create a dining area that blends with the rest of your interior and matches any home style.

By the way, Oak Furniture has an array of extendable options if you need an elegant-looking, functional and durable piece. Find our dining tables amid other dining room essentials.

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