6 Best TV Units for Stylish Living Room

6 Best TV Units for Stylish Living Room

All you need is a trendy TV unit to make your home a style statement for others. A living room furniture tells many stories, and the addition of a TV unit is the icing on the cake. Modular TV units are in high demand in modern cities where the cosy living room space is the most relaxing place for the urban population.


Top 6 TV Unit Designs To Style Your Living Room


Take a peek at these 6 modern TV cabinets NZ that are both stylish and functional.


  1. Small TV Unit



Because of its basic yet practical design, the Osaka Natural Soak Oak TV and DVD Stand is one our most popular storage cabinets. It features a deep shelving area for any entertainment gadgets, as well as a unique cable exit in the rear. It was handcrafted by a professional cabinetmaker from the best cut of solid wood. A large drawer rests beneath, which is ideal for tidying your living room or organizing your DVD,CD or game collection.


  1. Walnut Large TV Cabinet


The stylish, yet functional design of the Walnut Large TV Unit will add a wow factor to your TV and multimedia collection. This item is great for contemporary decor plan and the top section includes 2 bypass spaces with media cord access through the back panel. The bottom section is made with two drawers in the middle section and two cabinet doors on each side.



  1. Modern Design Large Entertainment Unit



Humbie range is a delightful addition to the modern or traditional family home styles. Made from high quality natural solid oak, it will look great for years to come, and is packed with durable design details like rounded corners and flat-fronted drawers with recessed handles.


Humbie Solid oak Tv Unit is a large modern entertainment table with a natural oak finish. Each design will awe you with its distinct personality and affordable price point. Not only is the Humbie collection affordable, but it also ships quickly, allowing you to have exclusive modern designs in a matter of weeks.



  1. Cherry Oak TV Units with glass look



Styled for the contemporary living space, the Modern TV-Media Stand features versatility as well as flair and elegance. Constructed from 100% Solid American cherry hardwoods, our luxury room furniture is built to last for generations. Our skilled craftsman uses traditional, time-honored methods to ensure each piece is made to last a lifetime. These techniques include resilient dovetail joints and solid wooden runners on every drawer.


With flaring cornices, antiqued drop bar handles, and softly rounded corners, the Prunus TV Cabinet exudes refined, exquisite style. It has a roomy dovetailed drawer for storing games, CDs, or DVDs and was handcrafted by professional joiners from superior grade solid wood. A deep shelf directly above this provides plenty of space for any appliances, with a custom exit at the back for the inevitable cables. This lovely TV Cabinet is part of a broader line of matching furniture and is designed to fit nicely in the living room.


  1. Medium Entertainment Unit




The Modern TV-Media Stand is designed for the modern living room and boasts versatility, flair, and elegance.

Our luxury room furniture is made from 100 percent solid American cherry hardwoods and is built to last for generations. To ensure that each piece is built to last a lifetime, our expert craftsmen use ancient, time-honored processes. Resilient dovetail joints and sturdy oak runners on every drawer are among these approaches.




  1. Sleek Parquet Large TV Unit




The Parquet TV unit's cupboard doors feature a design inspired by today's trendy wooden block floors.

Solid oak is used throughout, including the backs and bases. Metal, bronze handles and thin legs give this piece a contemporary look. Organize your media devices by feeding cords through holes created for them. Designed to last a lifetime.



How to Buy the Perfect TV Cabinet for Your Living Room?

When shopping for a TV cabinet, keep the following features in mind. It's worth noting that these aren't in any particular order, as you can jumble them according to your priorities.


  • Price

Particle boards, MDF, and plywood cabinets are far more expensive than wooden cabinets. They are, however, the most long-lasting, attractive, and usable for many years to come.


Naturally, the higher the cabinet's price, the more you may expect from it. In the event that the product you get is defective or damaged, look for a warranty. Also, look for high-quality materials (solid wood, solid steel or aluminum frames, etc.).


  • Storage

Typically, TV cabinets provide an open space where you may put your Apple TV or Blu-ray player. Drawers and cupboards are also available for storing various items and accessories.


TV cabinets come in a variety of storage options. Some people choose classic and basic storage, while others like to be more imaginative.


You might want to seek for ones that have cable management systems, which can help you organize the wires you use to connect to your TV.


  • Size

You must measure or estimate the size of the space where the cabinet will be installed. You can wind up with a cabinet you can't use if you don't!


The size of the TV you're intending to buy is also a good predictor. This is equally vital whether you plan to wall-mount your TV or place it on a cabinet.


  • Durability

Another important factor to consider is the furniture's durability. This applies not only to the stability of the TV cabinet, but also to the integrity of its surface, parts, and so on.


Avoid cabinets made of flimsy materials, such as lower-cost MDF or very thin plywood. These will break more quickly than others, so you will not get your money's worth.

You can also get one with a veneer, which gives your cabinet a nice finish and prevents warping. Natural wood variants are generally more appealing for this type and can be refinished.


This is why all of the cabinets on this list are made of solid, natural oak wood. This, in and of itself, provides exceptional durability that will last for a long time.



  • Design

It all comes down to personal preference. You should think carefully about what might work best in your home and according to your preferences. However, in general, there isn't much room for error here.


Our picks for TV cabinets are centered on various designs that are minimalist by nature without sacrificing style. They are made of genuine oak wood for a classy texture and look that is very versatile in terms of design.




These design concepts are now your go-to resource as you consider the best type of TV set for your home. Your TV unit's layout, form, and dimensions are determined by the size of your living room as well as your personal tastes. Bulky TV units, for example, will not fit well in living rooms with warm-toned furniture and accessories. Hence, you should wisely buy furniture online NZ. Of course, the design of the TV unit you choose is determined by your personal preference.


The above list comprises different types of wooden cabinets listed on Oak Furniture Store, which is the best furniture stores Auckland NZ. The easy way to access all the TV cabinets in New Zealand can be very helpful as when you buy a TV unit online, you have a limitless number of design options while staying within your budget.

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