How to choose a TV cabinet for your living room

How to choose a TV cabinet for your living room

Are you pumped to kick back on the couch and binge-watch some Netflix series? Don’t settle for anything less than a TV cabinet that makes your living room complete and helps you maximise your downtime.
But what to look for when arranging a centrepiece of your home entertainment? Let’s find out.

Opt for a TV cabinet that fits your space

Finding the right TV unit for your space is vital to creating a stylish living room. The size matters here, so take measurements and shop with a measuring tape in hand.

Before shopping:
●Determine how much open floor space you have and look for a TV cabinet that will fit into it for the most balanced look.
●Consider the height of the cabinet. A low-profile option will keep the overall feel open and airy.
●Don’t forget about additional storage features like drawers and shelves to keep entertainment accessories organised and hidden from view.

Style considerations for your TV cabinet

Choosing furniture that complements your room decor is crucial in pulling the whole look together. Whether your living space is contemporary or rustic, focusing on the style you appreciate will lead you to options with the ideal blend of form and function:

●A modern unit with clean lines and minimal ornamentation is an excellent choice if you have a contemporary home.
●Distressed wood, metal accents and an imperfect finish give rustic TV cabinets a cosy, lived-in feel.
●Retro-inspired designs with tapered legs, rich wood grains and old-looking hardware are hallmarks of the mid-century style.
●Ornate details like crown moulding, decorative carvings and a darker, polished wood stain underpin a traditional style that’s best for antique or Victorian decor.

The ideal TV cabinet turns your living room into a place that oozes relaxation

Material options

With a well-paired TV cabinet, your living area will become your new favourite place to unwind. Don’t let it look like a shabby environment just because the material of your unit is anything but perfect.


If you’re on a budget, a laminate TV cabinet will guide you towards affordability. It may be stained to resemble wood or stone, is low-maintenance and has a slightly artificial appearance compared to more elegant, pricier cabinets.


Glass cabinets foster the illusion of open space and work well in small spaces. They also underpin the beauty of natural wood or stone pieces used in your living room, let alone lighting and artwork.

Solid wood

A classic solid wood TV cabinet is the best bet for most living rooms. Oak, pine, walnut and other units are long-lasting and add warmth to your space. The grain patterns and knots make each arrangement unique while allowing for well-loved elegance.

Be sure to hide unsightly cables

Nothing ruins the look of a high-definition TV more than a tangled mess of cables protruding from the back. Settle on a cabinet that lets you organise and conceal all those power and antenna cords.

Additionally, you will want a TV cabinet that prevents your TV from overheating. Choose a unit with ventilation slots, mesh backing or an open design. Closed-back cabinets may trap heat and damage the screen over time.

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