Tips On the Size and Timber of Dining Tables

Tips On the Size and Timber of Dining Tables

The dining table is a crucial piece of furniture in your home, thus the dimensions and type of wood it is made of are crucial. It's useful to know which hardwoods, such as red oak, brown maple, rustic cherry, hard maple, quarter-sawn white oak, cherry wood, walnut, and hickory, are excellent for building dining tables. The best hardwood for making dining tables is definitely oak among these varieties. There is a standard size table for dining tables as well, and Oak Furniture here offers some advice to help you choose the best one.


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Types of Timber

Oak, maple and cherry wood are three major types of wood that use for dining tables.

Oakwood is a classic type of wood that is perfect for dining tables in any style. The appearance of oakwood is warm and expresses a comfortable ambience. Oak dining tables are matchable to a various range of homestyle: modern, classic, oriental, etc. The advantages of oak dining tables are strong and durable, resistant to mould and fungi, and attractive natural light colour. The natural environment with changeable weather conditions made oakwood into a material that survive for generations, and so does the dining table.


Maple wood, a softer hardwood with a fine surface and a modern design for the dining table, contains brown maple as well. The maple dining table becomes adaptable when matched with various dining room types, such as the modern dining room, because of the light and dark colours that maple wood has. Although there are many different kinds of maple dining tables, they all look gorgeous. But because maple wood is weaker than oak, it won't last as long.


The rustic cherry is made of cherry wood, which appears white and reddish brown. Your dining room will have a rustic, relaxed, and beautiful appearance. Cherry wood dining tables are popular for use at gatherings with friends and family because of its reddish hue, which accentuates the colour of the home. However, cherry wood dining tables are more likely to dent with heavy use because it is a softer timber and is not as sturdy as oak. Oak dining tables are the best because of this.


Standard Size

There are two standard measurements for dining tables: the width of smaller standard is 36-40 inches and the height is 29-31 inches. A larger base size for all dining tables is 42''×60‘’, and the foot size change according to the need. The extended size is: 8 - 10 people, 42×84'' with 5 foot; 10 - 12 people, 42''×108'' with 9 foot; 14 - 16 people, 42" x 156" with 13 foot; and 18 - 20 people, 42" x 204'' with 17 foot. Oak Furniture has large ones such as Cuba Solid Oak Large Dining Table, and the extendable one such as French Rustic Solid Oak Extendable Dining Table.  



Oak dining table is the best of all. Oak Furniture sells dining tables in all sizes, come and get one now!


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